The Curse of an Overlooked Switch

RJ Carr
5 min readJun 20, 2023
photo: CanvaPro

The morning was foggy and visibility was extremely low in Boston, Massachusetts. On a normal day, if one stands at the pier on Castle Island, a peninsula at the end of the South Boston neighborhood of that Hub of New England, one can watch various commercial aircraft take off and land at Logan Airport.

July 31, 1973, in the heart of the New England Summer was one of those days when sound pierced the clouds covering the city including the peninsula, the airport and the harbor. Planes taking off and landing were hidden to the naked eye by a blanket of fog.

Routine flight and an unscheduled stop

Delta Flight 723 was making its morning landing coming from Burlington, Vermont by way of an unscheduled stop in Manchester, New Hampshire . Due to the fog covering much of the New England area, the DC-9 with 88 souls on board had to pick up other passengers from a previously canceled flight in the Granite State. Essentially, the aircraft was transporting passengers from the west extreme, almost, of New England to the mid shoreline of the Northeastern group of 6 states by way of the almost center of the region.

According to previous passengers, the pilot was experienced in flying them South during the winter and North in the Spring. He was a former Northeast Airlines pilot who transported many…