Who Advises You When You Are Inspired?

RJ Carr
4 min readAug 8, 2023
Photo: CanvaPro

There you are standing in the shower as the hot water flows over your body. It is where you do a lot of your thinking and some of your greatest ideas come into your head there.

It happens again, you have an idea for a drama that you can put in novel or screenplay form. Or maybe you come up with an article or even a business or some other project. You finish showering and think more of your new inspiration as you dress for work.

There are three kinds of people you may want to consider as you seek those who can help you move the idea to actuality.

It does not matter what the idea is but the more intense and challenging, the more you need to evaluate those who are advising you. This group could be co-workers, a working team, family and friends or even familiar names in a chatroom.

The three groups are Yes people, No people and Maybe people.

“Yes” people

You go to Yes people because they will always tell you that your idea is great. It does not matter what it is. You need them to help you build your confidence in developing it. They will enthusiastically tell you to pursue your inspiration.

You want to write a book about thermonuclear dynamics and you have a sixth-grade education. They will tell you that you should do it…