Do You Want My Vote in 2024? Tell Me Why

RJ Carr
6 min readNov 30, 2022

If you want me to vote for one candidate and not for another then you have to explain the reasons based on the candidate’s positions.

For example, one commenter to James Kwak’s article 48 percent of Americans Voted Against Democracy, stated they did so because they are stupid. Actually, 48 percent of Americans voted against the opposing party for exactly that kind of attitude against them by that party. It does no one any good.

I once had to deal with some Democrats who HATE Catholics. When they sent someone to try to convince me to vote for them, a hard sell without question, the only thing they told me was what was wrong with the Republicans. They never said why I should vote Democrat. This is the problem with our politics.

Of course, writers say that anyone who voted for Trump did so because they are white supremacists or as I explain above because they are stupid. They do not cite the militarization of the police under the Clinton Administration leading to the overwhelmingly Black and Hispanic population in the now largest prison population in the world, the Patriot Act under the Bush Administration, the focus on defining domestic terrorists under the Biden and the Obama administrations. Gulf War 1 under the first President Bush, Gulf War 2 under the second. They just write words that can be summed up in Orange Man bad and, as I note above, they dismiss Republicans as stupid.

Voting for or against someone based on personality without defining the issues is irresponsible

Do your homework

At the first Trump rally following President Biden’s Philadelphia speech, the former president called for the death penalty against drug dealers. He continues to do so. Anytime there is a demand for the expansion of capital punishment you open the door to tyranny and genocide.

Pope Francis called for prayers against the death penalty for the month of September. Ironically, Donald Trump calls to expand it at the same time. Is that a coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t think so. How many pundits from either party caught this?

One of the most important articles ever to appear on Medium was by Tish Durbin in the Atlantic publication on this platform: The Catholics Who Hate Joe Biden — And

RJ Carr